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The Zoomy ebike revolution

Technology at your Fingertips

Our extensive electric bike assist system is based on speed, acceleration and  gyroscopic slope; knowing when and how to assist based on your Apps settings. 

Five modes for a perfect ride.

Commute mode: Relatively strong assist throughout the duration of your ride. Allowing for a leisurely stroll.

Leisure Mode: The assist is set in a curved, up and down structure.  The assistance increases as the ride duration continues.

Manual mode: The most popular mode. Set it and forget it!  After setting the assist grade, the wheel will assist automatically.

Exercise Mode: With a small assist output, this setting is aimed towards a healthier you.  Output becomes stronger as you exercise longer.

Climbing Mode: The built in gyroscope senses your uphill trajectory; assisting based on your settings. 

What are you waiting for? Let's get started!

The revolution of urban mobility is here! As a growing leader in electric electric bike conversion kits, Zoomy is proud to offer the smartest ebike yet.