Ride again with a DIY ebike kit

Ride again with a DIY ebike kit

Did you know that e-bikes may allow couples to cycle together – perhaps for the first time in years? Many couples would like to go cycling together or perform a pastime activitey they used to enjoy, but they now can not due to injury or performance. This article features case studies of couples who were able to start or riding together again as a result of their diy ebike kit .

We have heard the below statement many times over:

“I can’t ride anymore. My knees or back can’t take it.”
“I can’t keep up with my family because of my energy levels”
“I wish I could keep up with my family”

Its not uncommon for individuals, families or couples to stops riding all together after one of them starts experiencing health issues, such as heart disease or knee/hip pain. We have found through numerous testimony there is a solution! See a few case studies below

Case Study 1: Wanda and James

couple riding ebike

One such story of Wanda and James is that they both have different cycling ability and fitness levels, so they find themselves not able to cycle together. While Wanda is proud of Jame’s endurance ability, but she has become sadden that they can’t share this time together anymore. When they met later in life, James had already been cycling as a lifelong hobby.

She told us:

“When we got together, I wanted to be able to cycle with him—I’ve always been interested in biking. However, he is much more fit than I am so it would be impossible for me to keep up; plus, holding him back wouldn’t be fun for either of us. It seemed an opportunity to spend time together and doing what we enjoyed had been lost, until we found our Zoomy ebike kits!”

Not only has Wanda been able to bike alongside her husband, but they are now enjoying the hobby together! She has been ecstatic about her ebike kit finding and has told all her friends. 


Case Study 2: Amanda and Jude


Amanda is a busy nurse with a successful career at a large hospital. She was unable to see her family any other time than on the weekends, which were especially meaningful to her. She found herself missing out on Sunday bike trips with her two teenage sons and spouse.

Susan found herself always sitting at home by herself while her husband and children joined by pedaled away without her. She just couldn’t keep up with them on a bike because of her weight and knee problems.. It was a double edge sword. Amanda’s family was getting in shape, while she wasn’t. While she occasionally tried, each week it seemingly became more and more impossible for her to keep up with her family.

When Amanda called in we suggested she try an e-bike kit. While she was initially skeptical she decided to give it a try. It took her husband all but 30 minutes to install the kit and off she went. Amanda now enjoys weekend bike trips with her family and can keep up even if she feels tired. In fact over the course of 3 months Amanda noticed she lost 15lbs of excess weight, all while enjoying time with her family. 

E-Bikes Make Cycling Possible for Many People

We have collected many more stories like these from customers benefiting from their ebike kit with battery. For so many people, e-bike kits are the simple solution! The ability to have an ebike with pedal assist or throttle is a great alternative to sitting at home and missing out.

We have found with our customers the investment has always paid off! Its time to get back on the road and get to a happier, healthier you.

E-bike kits are a great solution for couples or families where one member has health issues that make it difficult to ride together. With an ebike kit, both members can enjoy the hobby together without one being left behind. There are many benefits to riding with an ebike kit, including getting back in shape, spending time with family, and enjoying the outdoors. If you or someone you know has been struggling to keep up with their family on bike rides, we encourage you to give an ebike kit a try! You may be surprised at how much fun you can have and how much better you feel when you get back on the road. Thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out all our ebike kits at zoomybike.com