8 Reasons Zoomy Electric Assist eBikes are Taking Over

Electric assist bikes, or e-bikes, are becoming more and more popular each year. This is likely due to the many benefits that they offer. In this blog post, we will discuss 8 reasons why electric assist bikes are taking over. Whether you are looking for a way to get around town without breaking a sweat, want to add some excitement to your rides, or are just looking for a more eco-friendly option, e-bikes have something to offer everyone!

E-bikes are much more versatile than traditional bikes. You can use them for commuting, running errands, getting around town, or even going on long rides! Traditional bikes can be difficult to ride in certain situations, such as up hills or against the wind. E-bikes make riding in these conditions much easier, as they provide a boost of power when you need it.

E-bikes are also much more affordable than you might think. The initial investment may be higher than a traditional bike, but when you factor in the cost of gas, maintenance, and parking, e-bikes quickly become the more economical option. In addition, there are many talks about the government even offering rebates for e-bike as a way to help the enviroment and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of e-bikes is that they are much more environmentally friendly than traditional vehicles. E-bikes emit zero emissions, so you can ride without guilt! In addition, e-bikes require very little maintenance, which further reduces their environmental impact.

Finally, e-bikes are simply more fun to ride! They add an element of excitement to your rides that you just don’t get with a traditional bike. Whether you are zipping around town or cruising down the bike path, e-bikes provide a unique riding experience that is sure to put a smile on your face.

1. Lets Move

We want to relocate you physically and metaphorically. Of course, our bikes are an excellent substitute for automobiles or public transportation, whether you’re going shopping, commuting to work, or recreational riding. They’re nimble, dependable, and powerful enough to get you where you need to go without the hassles of parking or traffic congestion.

2. Exercise without the fatigue

An e-bike is a fantastic method to incorporate exercise into your everyday life while also embracing a more active lifestyle. While the electric pedal assist and/or throttle can help you out a little bit, your legs aren’t off the hook entirely. It assists with gradually introducing exercise especially for the elderly or those with knee/hip issues. An e-bike requires pedaling for the majority of the time and is a perfect option.

3. Set your own pace

Electric assist bikes use an electric motor that powers the rider. The purpose of this device is to help you ride further and faster than ever before. You can set the settings for full assist with minimal effort on your part or pedal assist to get more exercise. It makes it possible for you to travel to your destination and back again at your own pace!

4. All the options

Our ebike conversion kits are perfect for just about any bike. From trikes, commuter bikes or a mountain bike we have a kit that fits your needs. The front hub easily fits on most bikes and we have different battery types for placement on most models.

5. Lets go the distance

How far can you ride on a Charge bike? While there are restrictions, and you’ll have to charge your battery from time to time, we have options to fit every need. Overall, one full charge of the battery will allow you to travel 15-100 miles before requiring another recharge depending on the unit you choose. The mileage varies somewhat depending on the weather, terrain, and rider’s weight, but generally speaking, choose the model that best suites your riding needs.

6. Installation a breeze

Confirming our reputation as the easiest e-bike brand on the market, we have some of the simplest electric bike kits. There are no requirements for modifications, multiple wires or lengthy instructions to handle. Almost every ebike comes almost completely built, and most people can set one up in about 10-20 minutes flat.

7. Technology at your fingertips – App

  • Commute mode: Relatively strong assist throughout the duration of your ride. Allowing for a leisurely stroll.
  • Leisure Mode: The assist is set in a curved, up and down structure. The assistance increases as the ride duration continues.
  • Manual mode: The most popular mode. Set it and forget it!  After setting the assist grade, the wheel will assist automatically.
  • Exercise Mode: With a small assist output, this setting is aimed towards a healthier you. Output becomes stronger as you exercise longer.
  • Climbing Mode: The built in gyroscope senses your uphill trajectory; assisting based on your settings.

8. Affordability

At Zoomy, we bring the best electric bike kits to the market at an affordable price. While there may be cheaper ebikes on the market. We provide only the best lithium ion batteries from manufactures like samsung and efficient motors that last.


So, there you have it! These are just a few of the reasons why electric assist bikes are taking over. If you are looking for a new way to get around town, or just want to have some fun, an e-bike may be perfect for you! Give one a try today