Mid Drive or Hub Ebike Kits. Which is best?

Benefits of Hub motors Ebike Kits

Hub motors are the easiest and most versatile way of converting your current bike to an ebike. Unlike the mid-drive systems such as the Bafang mid grade, they are extremely easy and great performers.  The do not put additional stress on your existing drive chain or other components and operate without major modifications.  If your chain, derailleur, or cogs break the hub motor can actually continue to propel the bike!  

There is a debate on whether mid drive ebike kits or hub ebike kits are better.  There are advantages of each and in this article we will discuss where the Hub motors shine.  Hub motors are generally safer, easier on drivetrain, easier to install and perform on par. 

1. Less Stress On Drivetrain Components

Drivetrain Stress

A hub motor e-bike kit performs with less mechanical wear and tear on the chain, cogs, and derailleur system, vs mid drive systems.  It is common for mid-drive systems to wear out chains and etc on your bike.

A mid-drive motor puts much more force and tension stress on the chain and cogs. A normal bike chain is not made to handle the wear and tear and will wear out at a much faster rate, requiring more attention to chain stretch, cog wear, shifter alignment etc.

2. Independent Propulsion System

A front or rear hub ebike kit motor is independent of your bikes drivechain. If you have a front hub motor and experience a drivetrain component breaking such as the chain, derailleur, sprockets, or cog you can actually still use the motor.  It can continue to propel the bike to your car or home. With a mid-drive motor, any premature failure to the drivechain puts your bike out of commission completely, as both the motor and pedals are uniform system

Front and rear hub ebike kits can assist even in premature drivetrain failure.

3. High peak power capability

The transmission through your bicycle drivechain limits the maximum motor power that can be output to the wheels. Higher power levels are usually fine, but when you are looking for multiple kW of power you start seeing catastrophic failures with snapped chains, sheared freewheels, broken spokes etc. A hub motor with a properly coupled torque arm has no such limitation.

4. Ease of Installation

While a mid-drive may not be a super complex installation for those DIY friendly. Let’s face it though, a front or even rear hub ebike kit is unrivaled in ease of installation. It’s as simple as removing the original wheel and replacing it with a pre-assembled motorized one.  If your an avid rider installing any conversion kit is worth it!  If you are concerned about installation or being able to easily remove the kit to different bicycles a front hub ebike kit motor is your best bet.