Your old bike new again

Your bike reinvented

The best ebike is the bike you already own!  With so many ebikes on the market it may be hard to choose which is best for you.  If you have already invested in a bike that fits you, its a no-brainer; a zoomy ebike conversion kit is right for you.  

Pros of a ZoomyBike Electric Bike Conversion Kit

  • While many kits are complicated the Zoomy bike is the easiest on the market. 
  • A Zoomy ebike kit is easy to work on and easy to replace parts if ever needed.
  • Your money goes further with an ebike conversion kit.  If you already have a bike you love a conversion kit will be your cheapest option.  Not only that, but you generally will have better bike components with paying a fraction of the price.
  • You are in control! With a ebike kit you get to choose your specifications and build the best bike you can.
  • Ebike kits offer flexibility.  You can swap out the kit to any bike needed or even upgrade you bike in the future.
  • If something goes wrong with your kit you still have a useful bike you can build on in the future.  A zoomy ebike kit does not require any major modifications or fabrications. Its mostly plug and play.

Cons of a Conversion Kit

  • It goes without saying, but you will need a bike to start with.
  • You may need tools to install an ebike kit.  Luckily our Zoomy ebike kits come with everything needed.
  • Ebike kits are DYI.  While some kits are super simple, some are complicate and require previous knowledge.
  • Depending on the current bike you use to convert to an ebike, you may need to add some upgrades including better tires or brakes. 

Pros for Pre-Assembled Electric Bike

  • A package that is designed to be integrated into that specific bike
  • Turn key and ready to ride out of the box or store with very minimal assembly. 
  • Less sizing and fitting as the bike is pre-assembled.

Cons for Turn-key Electric Bike

  • Upgrading your unit is limited.  With a turn-key ebike, you’ll generally be stuck with the stock components. 
  • Any tinkering with the bike’s components will often void the warranty.
  • Costly repair and or batteries.  The cost of a battery can be a hefty price tag for a turn key ebike and there’s a risk that you’ll have trouble replacing the battery pack in the future.  Every battery will need to be replaced in time and if the manufacturer goes out of business, you may be stuck trying to retrofit a non optimized battery. 
  • If you ebike stops working the bike can not be converted to a regular bike
So which is right for you?

Ebike kits are a great all around choice if you already have a bike! Enjoy the cost savings and comfort by reinventing your current bike!

Your Old Bike New Again...

 Nowadays electric bike conversion kits have come a long way .  If you already have a bike you love, an ebike conversion kit is the perfect choice. 

  • Easily convert your bike into an electric bike of your dreams. 
  • Be able to convert back at any time. 
  • Repair at little to no cost vs turn-key ebikes. 
  • Your wallet will thank you!